This blog came about when I decided to keep a family recipe book of all the things I love to cook and that my family loves to eat. Back then I had vague notions of adult children having moved out and asking me how to make those favourite dishes they had grown up on. Today that’s exactly what happens.

I’ve never met a food fad bandwagon I didn’t want to jump on, and a lot of the recipes you’ll find here reflect that, with vegetarian and vegan being some of my favourites to this day. There’s also pescetarian, paleo, low sugar, low carb, gluten free, and of course keto.

Mediterranean food and eating is our default setting, and deep family roots in the Adriatic Sea off Dalmatia means lots of seafood, olive oil, and seasonal vegetables.

Remember to search the tags to find what you’re looking for, feed the family will lead you to some our favourite meals, while special occasion can also be interpreted as so much effort I only make it once a year.

There’s a lot happening behind the scenes as I gather photos and tweak past posts, so be sure to check back to see what’s being added.

Happy cooking!