Mediterranean One Pan Tray Bake

This simple kind of one pan or tray bake cooking is perfection. Healthy, quick and no fuss, and colourful. Use up whatever you have in the fridge, whatever is in season, or what you feel like right now.

what you need

  • chicken thigh cutlets, with bone in and skin on
  • a few potatoes, halved or left whole if small
  • a few tomatoes, halved
  • salt and pepper
  • dried herbs
  • ras el hanout
  • olive oil
  • a few lemons, halved
  • two bunches of broccolini
  • any kind of olives

what to do

Pre heat your oven to 220C. Season the chicken and potatoes well with the salt, pepper, herbs, and ras el hanout. Drizzle it all with olive oil to make sure it’s nicely coated and seasoned. Place in a baking pan large enough to hold everything in one layer, add halved lemons and tomatoes, and cook uncovered on high for about forty minutes before adding the broccolini and olives and cooking for another ten or fifteen minutes.

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