Zucchini fritters

First there were corn fritters, then there were zucchini fritters, and then I went and bought a cafe and ended up making them A LOT, so what we have now is my original recipe tweaked to make them even quicker and easier to make! Zucchini fritters 2.0 if you will.

I like to serve it with a tomato salsa {diced tomato, fresh herbs, spring onion, olive oil, salt pepper} rocket, and some smoked salmon. Adding some diced avocado to the salsa works too.

If you need a gluten free option either almond meal/flour or chickpea flour can be used instead of plain flour, and tbh both taste even better than the original!

what you need:

  • one very large or two regular size zucchini, grated and squeezed of moisture
  • some feta, crumbled
  • two eggs
  • one cup plain flour
  • fresh parsley, chopped
  • sea salt and black pepper
  • some oil for frying

what to do:

  1. Mix all the ingredients except for the oil in a large bowl using your hands. You want a texture that will hold together just enough when fried, so tweak the flour if needed.
  2. Heat a few tablespoons of oil in a frying pan. Drop tablespoons of the mixture into the pan and use the spoon to flatten them to about 1 cm thickness. Fry for about two minutes then flip over and fry until golden and crisp on both sides. They don’t need long. Drain on absorbent paper before serving.

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